The Estevan Tennis Club is giving the community the opportunity to hit some balls this weekend - for free! The club is holding a 'Try Tennis' event at the Leisure Centre Courts on Saturday, May 25 between 1-3pm. 

"It just kind of to get a feel of what tennis is all about, get to know what the club is all about and learn about the fee structure [and] everything else. It's a very affordable sport and it's a lifelong sport that we want people to learn how to play. We've had many families that start playing together and it also just creates a good social environment. We certainly would like to grow the club in Estevan," shared club president Arnold Betzema. 

He noted that the event is open to everyone with no age limit. The club is hoping for a big turnout, as they are also hoping to run a few short tennis matches. Betzema expressed that you don't have to be a pro to attend. 

"It can be very intimidating, some of the game of tennis. Overall,  there's stage as you go through to learn how to play the game and you can learn how to hit the ball. Once you get the basics of it, it adds for a lifelong sport." 

The Estevan Tennis Club is open for kids and adults. They boast a red ball tennis program aimed for kids that want to learn the sport. Adult beginners and pros alike can battle each other with dedicated nights for women on Mondays and Wednesday nights for men. The club is also offering beginner tennis classes for anyone that wants to learn a new sport. 

"Many people [only] played it for one semester in high school. The teaching of it has changed substantially. The first week we go through the forehand like how to hold the racket and how to make a forehand shot. Then, the second week is the backhand. We get into all these and serves and then how to conduct a game. If you come out and there's multiple beginners, then you can start playing at a level that you're not too intimidated by other players," Betzema added. 

Lessons are $40 per adult, which includes 4 lessons. For kids, the fee is $10 with a parent's membership and $20 without. 

You can check out the Estevan Tennis Club on their Facebook page