Tower Cafe and Tap House owner Pete Sereggela knows full well how busy his restaurants can get during a major sporting event.

Sereggela was tasked with feeding several hockey teams on a daily basis during the 2022 Centennial Cup last spring. Now, just three months later, he's gearing up for another rush of visitors as Estevan gets set to host the 2022 Western Canada Double A Baseball Championships.

"I expect we'll have an influx of a lot hungry people that'll be coming to Estevan," Sereggela said. "I know all the hotels are already booked and there's lots of restaurants that I'm sure are going to get a lot of business from this tournament."

Sereggela said he has several longtime employees who are ready to handle the busy times that are expected this weekend.

"We have increased our staff just to make sure we're able to look after everyone. We haven't brought in any particular (extra) staff, but we've got a lot of long-term employees who know when it's busy," he said.

"Everybody's working this weekend."

Beyond the obvious economic spin off, Sereggela is looking forward to meeting people from right across Western Canada.

"I hope that lots of people come to watch the tournament. There's going to be a lot of people from out of town and I can't wait to talk to lots of them and hear their stories. And even some of these kids...there's going to be some great ball to watch this weekend."

The Tower Cafe will be sponsoring the kick off barbecue Thursday night at Lynn Prime Park, with 700 people expected to attend.