The Town of Carlyle is feeling good about how 2022 panned out, and is optimistic heading into the new year.

Town Chief Administrative Officer Natalie Miller pointed to culture, parks, and recreation as areas that are thriving, and that news of more childcare spaces will make a big difference for young families in 2023.

"We've been fortunate to see our community still thriving after the hit of the pandemic," said Miller. "Our business community remains active, and Main Street's bustling most days."

The Town created a new recreation, parks, and culture department this past year, which included hiring a rec director to manage it, whom Miller called amazing, along with additional staff.

Miller said great weather over the summer was a factor in the Carlyle Pool setting record numbers for days open and usage. She added that the splash park was busy as well, and activity at the sports arena and curling rink has ramped up since winter began.

News of funding for 30 infant, toddler, and preschool childcare spaces in the community was the biggest highlight of the year for Miller.

"We have lots of amazing private daycare homes, but all of them have waiting lists. We can never have too many. So we're really excited to have this new opportunity for our community and young parents out there. I think they'll have no problem filling their spaces."

She said work is being done to have the daycare open early in 2023.

"Council's been busy working behind the scenes as well," said Miller. "We're revamping our official community plan and our zoning bylaw, doing some asset-management planning, which will all be completed probably early 2023. And in my world, those are all really good items to get checked off the list, so I'm really excited about that."