The Estevan community helped to fill up a community resource with the Fill The Truck Food Drive on Friday.

Salvation Army Estevan accepted non-perishable food and cash donations while at the Southern Plains Co-op, looking to fill up a truck that was provided by Murray GM.

Ronza Reynard, Community Ministries Director, says that the event was successful at getting the bank filled.

"The fill the truck food drive was another great success this year and it was just the community coming together to help out the food bank and it was really exciting. We brought in $1825 and we also brought in 680 lbs of food, so those are good numbers. That $1800 turns out to be, when we switch that to the value in food, is like also 600 lbs."

"I know Southern Plains Co-op were still selling some of the hampers over the weekend, so we may even have some extra hampers coming in tomorrow, so that'll be exciting to add to those totals as well." 

 Reynard says the event should help them manage over the summer as they continue to see increased use.

"Anytime we can have some kind of a food drive that helps bring that little bit of extra into the food bank is always welcome because we will continue to be busy. People will still come as we go into the summer months. So every time we can have something like this, it really does help take some of the stress off the food bank and be able to provide so much at all times." 

More events are planned out for this summer with the need for assistance continuing for the food bank.

"Coming up probably later in June, we possibly will have the Canada Post Food Drive, that's another annual event we've been doing for over 20 years. So I know a lot of the people in the community are expecting that one and then nothing really happens until closer to the end of summer, or the beginning of fall," said Reynard, "That's when we will start to see a little more food drive action."

"Now, if there's somebody out there wanting to do something in their company I think we are more than welcome to be a part of that for them and help them out in any way that we can."