Colder weather is creeping into the southeast with winter just a couple of months away and residents wondering how they can keep their homes heated.

Some have been discussing the use of heat pumps, a geothermal solution to a heating problem which could save money.

You won't find many units operating in Saskatchewan, thanks to a limitation with the technology.

Johnson Plumbing and Heating Inventory Controller Jim Niebergall explains.

"We find that it doesn't work as great in our area because to use it like a traditional heat pump, it needs to be above -10 (degrees celsius). After that, it doesn't work great as a heater. Geothermal is a heat pump and that's kind of how they make a heat pump work in Saskatchewan is using ground source heat as the loop for the the outdoor unit rather than a traditional air conditioner style condenser outside."

Niebergall says that heat pumps can also be expensive to repair, with installations also being very few.

"With the geothermal unit, it is expensive to repair because you have pumps. There's a lot more going on to it than a traditional air conditioner, so there is more maintenance involved and it will wear out sooner because it's running all year round. The installation, honestly, I couldn't give you an honest answer because we don't sell them." 

He also says that right now the most economical way to heat in Saskatchewan is natural gas, based on the current price.

Niebergall gives some tips for people to check their systems as we move into colder months.

"Make sure you check your venting outside, make sure birds haven't made a nest. They're looking for a warm place to stay right now too. Then change your filter, check it every month to make sure it's clean, and make sure your fan is clean and everything's working properly. It's best to get them checked before the heating season gets fired up full scale and then you're not scrambling when it's -40." 

He also reminds people to check on their carbon monoxide detectors.