The Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre hosted a reptile show on Saturday bringing in around 400 people to the exhibition.

Sask. Reptile Show director Wrangler Elisa was there to show off her collection where the kids were able to hold and pet the reptiles. Including snakes, a tarantula, and a tortoise.  

Duckie the yellow-footed tortoise was a highlight. Wrangler Elisa said that Duckie had made great strides since she came into their care, as she previously was not able to walk, and had to use a wheelchair for several years. 

While the children were excited to handle the reptiles many adults in attendance were quick to shy away.  

Wrangler Elisa said that this is common at these types of shows. 

“It can be such an inspiring thing for kids as well, especially ones that you know might have started out a little apprehensive or scared,” said Wrangler Elisa. “Once they get to touch them, they get over that apprehensive fear.”  

Adding that often people think a snake will be slimy, and it turns out it's soft. She noted that having that experience at a young age sets the mood for the rest of their lives.  

“Start them small, and they’ll have the courage to touch them. I’ve met 40–50-year-old people that won’t touch a snake.”  

Wrangler Elisa said that the main message of the show is to ensure that people responsibly get reptiles as pets.  

“Having run a rescue for 10 years, we know that lots of people get them with good intentions, but they don’t really know how long they live.”  

During the show, she reminded the kids that some reptiles can live for over 20 years, so it is a big decision to commit to it.  

She added that the person chooses the pet, the pet doesn’t choose the person.