January is flying by and it's that time of the month here we check out the adorable submission for the Perfect Pet contest! Tune in to Sun 102 on January 25th as Dawn Klassen from All Creatures chooses a winner for this month!

Meet Catan! Catan turns 1 yr old next month. He is a border collie mix. He loves the snow and eating the crusts from your toast.


This is Skye! Skye is very cuddly and a great listener!


Angel is my best friend!!!! She always cheers me up when I’m sad I would do anything for her????


Jayd is a horse of course but don’t let that fool you he is my big dog he follows me all around the pasture he thinks his drinking water is a foot bath and always gives me hugs when needed he is very smart and willing to do whatever I ask he tries his hardest to open the barn door he will figure it out one day!