The Town of Redvers has undergone some big changes in the last couple of years leading them to be awarded the Rural Community Excellence Award in Saskatchewan by Corporate Vision. 

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Jena Cowan said she was unsure whether the municipality would qualify as a business, but thought it was worth applying anyway, and it paid off.    

Cowan said that the town has recently decommissioned a few wells that were no longer in use. This came at the same time as a big staff turnover. 

"A lot of training went into this, and it was the first time for everyone that we installed a second water source," said Cowan. 

A new well has since been created for the community and they are currently working on a complete water upgrade. The town aims to be on a reverse osmosis system in the next couple of years.  

Cowan noted that they are trying to get ahead of upcoming projects so that they can offer a community that is above and beyond. 

The Rural Community Excellence Award was well received in the community. 

“It’s a sense of pride. We are doing our very best to make sure that we can provide the highest quality of services we can,” said Cowan.