The Redvers Fire Department will be busy over the next few months, as they emphasize training some new skills within the department.  

Brad Hutton, Redvers Fire Chief said that they have recently welcomed three new members. 

“We’re sitting decent for numbers again; we’re starting the training process with the new members as well.” 

Redvers Fire will also be undergoing an electric vehicle firefighting course. Hutton said that isn’t solely about fire, but also about rescue. He added that dealing with high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries is a whole different situation than with motor vehicles. 

Vehicles aren’t the only electrical components they are dealing with. Children's toys with rechargeable batteries, which are often lithium-ion batteries are also an area of concern.  

“It’s a whole new game when it comes to firefighting, so I encourage departments to check out the procedures for those types of fires.” 

During this time of year, Hutton also reminds the public to use precautions around flowing waterways. He cautioned that the ice is unpredictable, and you don’t know what’s going on underneath. He added, if it is moving water, you could fall through, which poses drowning risks. 

He also noted that with the long weekend is coming up it’s important to travel safely and to refrain from consuming drugs and alcohol if you are going to be driving.