Some new trucks will be a part of the City's fleet after the Roads and Drainage Department requested new models through the fleet replacement program at the latest city council meeting.

Manager Hayley DeConinck was at the meeting as her department was looking for two new 2024 half-ton pickup trucks to replace older vehicles.

The original recommendation was for two trucks from Murray GM, with the winning bid coming in at $64,644.61 per truck for a total of $137,046.73 for both.

That's part of the City's regular yearly budget, according to City Manager Jeff Ward.

"We continue to have the $450,000 that goes into fleet renewal and all our divisions kind of prioritize our needs for equipment and vehicles and this has been budgeted." 

Councillor Shelley Veroba made a motion to accept the recommendation while asking what would happen to the two older vehicles being replaced.

Ward said that those two oldest vehicles would then go to auction, where he says they get a good return compared to the initial investment.

Mayor Roy Ludwig said that the program has been very helpful over the years it's been implemented.

"The City manager helped us out a lot with that. With the big renewal, it's been a great idea and it's allowed us to continue to replenish our fleet over time." 

The motion was passed unanimously by the gathered councillors.