Saskpower has seen a new record set for power consumption during the summer months, the second time it's been broken in 2022.

Power consumption totaled 3,597 megawatts on August 31 at 5:14 PM, according to SaskPower.

The first time that record was broken this year was due to a heat wave earlier this summer on July 13, which had 3,551 MW being consumed.

Saskpower Spokesperson Scott McGregor says that a new record so close to fall is definitely a possibility.

"Usually whenever we see a new summertime record set, it's usually after a few days of sustained temperatures over 30 degrees. Having it happen this late in the summer isn't unheard of, but with the current heat wave including most of the province it wasn't something unreasonable in any respect."

While more above-30 temperatures are expected over the long weekend, McGregor says it's less likely we'd see another record broken.

"There's a chance of it, however with the long weekend setting in right away here, we won't see the same kind of usage that we would during the week. Usually, during the week we see pretty reliable peak usage right around the suppertime hour when everyone's getting home from work, turning on their air conditioner, turning on their tv, starting laundry, starting dishwasher, etcetera."

"On the weekend it seems to be spread out more," said McGregor, "People aren't coming home all at the exact same time. The weekend is looking to be very hot, so the chance is there for sure."

The energy demands of Saskatchewan overall have been increasing over time, and it's the particularly hot weather that's caused so much 

"We've seen a pretty steady increase in the demand from our customers in terms of how much power is required in Saskatchewan. That combined with the extremely hot temperatures we've been seeing," said McGregor, "That's where the record's come from."