Users of SaskTel's email service will now be seeing a charge come up on their bills as of a few months from now.

Previously, those addresses were free as a part of any subscription to a SaskTel internet service.

That will no longer be the case as the new plan coming in will have SaskTel charging $1.95/month for the service.

They released the following statement regarding the change.

"SaskTel understands how important email accounts and addresses may be to some, and in order to provide customers with ample notice of this planned rate change SaskTel has begun communicating to impacted customers."

The service stopped being offered back in January of 2022, so any recent customers will likely not be affected.

They instead recommend people use other free alternatives, such as Gmail and Hotmail.

If somone's unsure wehther they have an active email address, they can go to SaskTel's website to see if there's an email on their account.