The South East District girls' soccer tryouts for the Saskatchewan Summer Games take place in Weyburn on Saturday and again the following Sunday.  

Tammy Friesen, Head Coach of the SE District team said they are looking for 17 players born from 2009-2011. She said that it is a competitive environment but encourages anyone interested to come try out.  

“Definitely having a competitive skill level is important, but it’s not the only component to being a player. We’re also looking at things like teamwork, game awareness, commitment, work ethic and dedication, which also make a well-rounded player and team.”  

Freisen added that there are a lot of clubs in the area, and it will give players the chance to experience the diversity within them.  

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for our female players in the southeast to really network and connect with other players and coaches.”  

She added that for many of the rural areas when players are in the U13 to U15 category they often play on co-ed teams.  

“This is a really great opportunity for our girls to play on an all-female team and really showcase their skill and their competitiveness and their dedication to soccer.” 

The biggest commitment will be to making it to the Saskatchewan games which run from July 24 to 27. She added that there is a possibility of a couple of practices in June due to players already being committed to their own club teams.  

“Once that soccer season is over, you know, we’re looking at probably anywhere from one to two practices a week, leading up to the games.”  

The tryouts were originally set for Jubilee Park on Saturday, but due to the weather, they have now been moved to the Spark Centre. Friesen added that hopefully for next week the weather will co-operate and they will be able to be outside. 

“That’s just for the tryouts, you know, once we have the team decided and chosen, then not all practices will be in Weyburn. We’ll kind of move around to accommodate some different players that will be on the team.  

This year will be the first time Friesen will be coaching for the summer games, and she is looking forward to the experience.  

“I’m really excited to be working with, you know, the girls and getting them ready to get to the games and just being at the games with them. I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our athletes.” 

Pre-registration is required. You can find the tryout schedule and other registration information here.