More meetings with the public are coming now that Estevan has been named the preferred site for a small modular reactor in Saskatchewan.

That SMR selection process has been ongoing for a few years, with a final site selection set to happen in 2025.

In the meantime, SaskPower is hosting a few events where they hope residents will come and learn more about the project.

"On June 13th, we're actually holding two online webinars that are open to everybody. People in the Estevan area are encouraged to sign up for them free of charge. One runs over the lunch hour and then one is just after supper at 6:30. It'll be held with our project teams, they can answer questions, share updates, and really just kind of share how we got to where we are and what our next steps are."

They'll be expecting questions on why Estevan was chosen, what opportunities there are for labour, and how SaskPower will communicate the steps of the project.

For people looking for an in-person event, those will be taking place later on in June.

"We have them in Oxbow, Estevan, Torquay, Macoun, Midale, and Weyburn really running from June 25th, 26th, and 27th. Those are our main dates for our drop-in events. All this information is on our website at"

"We're also setting up a pair of site offices, one in the village of Macoun, one in the Shoppers Mall in Estevan. So those are the two communities that are closest to the potential sites and so we wanted to make sure that we have a place that people can go and stop in and have a chat and have some questions answered." 

More events are likely to happen in the future, as McGregor says this project will last from the beginning to the end of the SMR's lifecycle.

"One of the really important things about the SMR file is ongoing engagement with people in the study areas, people close to the potential sites as well as across the entire province. So this is not just a right-now thing, these sorts of engagement events are going to be happening throughout the entire life of the SMR project now until 2029 when the decision is made, and if we do decide to proceed until the ultimate decommissioning of whatever plant is built. So it's an ongoing thing that we're certainly committed to." 

People can find out more about the current events, see if any new events are planned, or ask questions about the project on SaskPower's website.