After the blizzard and follow-up system dumped snow all around the southeast, it looks a lot more like January than April.

Anyone hoping for a return to grassy picnics and warmer days will have to wait a bit longer, as the snow looks to be sticking around.

That could even be bolstered by more snow coming to the area, as a system tomorrow and at the end of the week may end up dumping snow.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Brian Luzny explains just what we'll be seeing this week.

"It looks like right now we have snow measurements, kind of from around the city for amateur and volunteer network there, just 30-40 centimeters south of the Estevan region. Because of the drift, people are measuring different amounts, but most people are getting over 30 and below 40, more in that range."

The cold is expected to stick around as wind is coming from the cooler western provinces, rather than our southern neighbors.

"Basically right now we're kind of stuck in a west-northwest flow pattern," said Luzny, "Not getting all that warm air from the US, just yet for this week we're stuck in this pattern. We actually have an Alberta Clipper coming through Tuesday and Wednesday, so this upper air flow is stuck in the below-normal temperatures for this week."

"It's going to be highs just hovering near 0, and lows a few degrees below so I wouldn't expect much melt."

If you're sick of snow, then more bad news is coming as there's a good chance another Colorado low could make an appearance at the end of the week.

"It's another big Colorado low coming up on Friday. Right now at this point, we have an unsure exact placement as to where that low is going to set up, so we have a wide range of possibilities for southeast Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba. We're still trying to figure out what's going to happen," said Luzny, "Whether it's gonna be a heavy snowfall event, some rain, maybe some thunderstorms, it's kind of all in the air right now."