The seeding season is continuing for producers in the southeast, with producers ahead of the provincial average.

Following rains over the week along with warm weather, producers could be in a good spot to launch into the summer with plenty of moisture.

Agrologist Edgar Hammermeister says that farmers are happy with the current conditions even if the moisture is slowing down business.

"Generally, this is a well-received rain. Farmers weren't happy about losing the time, but they'll definitely take the moisture. Seeding operations since then have been progressing really well. I think a lot of farmers are toward 50 per cent done there. There'll be some that are better than that, but most are in that 50 per cent range, and a lot of the cereals are finished seeding and they'll be transitioning to the oil seeds here pretty soon." 

The week ahead does have a few showers on the horizon, even though farmers are already well off in the southeast.

"We're not really looking for moisture at the moment, farmers, if we had the choice, we'd like to just have some sunshine so we can progress with seeding and to have the wind stay down because it's been a struggle sometimes doing the pre-seed weed control.

"The coming moisture is for the early seeded crops that will start using it, but the soil is pretty full by and large and we could wait. So, there will be delays and it doesn't take a lot of moisture," said Hammermeister, "We'll have to shut down just because the seedbed conditions are too poor when there's an excess of moisture around." 

Hammermeister says that if temperatures stick around the current 20-degree mark it'll make for good seeding conditions.

"High temperatures are fantastic. Crops that are seeded are really starting to grow now and the warmth can come. It's a very, very nice gentle temperature."

Hammermeister reminds people to pay attention on highways as farmers move around their equipment between fields.