A Canadian casing running company is taking the leap to expand their company into the United States.

4 Star USA is a family-owned oilfield service company providing casing running services and equipment rental. The company operates out of Odessa, Texas.

Derek Lloyd, with 4 Star USA, said that the company's transition into Texas happened organically.

“It basically came from our customers,” he said. “So, a lot of our customers that we worked for directly, they moved down to Texas to work, and we followed them down there and kind of took their lead.”

Lloyd also added that challenges in the Canadian oil patch influenced their decision to migrate to the U.S. desiring a more full-time opportunity for employees and the company.

4 Star USA continues to thrive in Odessa, leading the company to launch a broad-scale recruitment campaign.

Over the course of two years, the initial pilot program developed from five employees to fifty, with the number continuing to rise.

Lloyd elaborated on the reason that the recruitment program targets Canadians.

“We always start at home when we when we recruit because it's what we know,” he said. “We grew up with these guys in the oil patch and our ideals are aligned. So, it's really good to start at home and you know crew up from there.”

4 Star USA brings Canadian employees to Texas on a rotation, with housing made available for the staff.

The company currently has several supervisory positions available, as they search for the right candidates to lead and grow their team.

Oil workerFile image.

Lloyd added that the company has worked hard to earn the respect of residents in Texas, creating a welcome environment for anyone who joins the team.

“They're very welcoming to Canadians in Texas,” he said. “They like the way we do business, they like how we can work efficiently and safely and that's how we stand out down there compared to some of the other competition that we have.”

He also said that it is important for them, as they grow their company, to remember their roots along the way.

“It's a great opportunity down in Texas and we're really excited about it,” he said. “And we want to bring the opportunity to some of the people we've worked with along the way down here in Canada and kind of share that with them and grow our company.”

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