Astronomical winter begins Wednesday, though southeast residents are becoming well-versed in cold-weather profanity to cope with mornings like this.

Another dump of snow hit the area Thursday night/Friday morning, with strong winds causing drifts in Estevan and around the southeast.

"Our residential streets are quite heavy," said Estevan Police Service Sgt. Tyler McMillen, at 5 a.m. Friday. "If you look out this morning there are lots of drifts, and thank goodness City crews did what they could yesterday. We need to give them time again today to try to break some trail for us."

McMillen said some streets are impassable.

"If you can, stay off them so City crews can get them cleared off. The more vehicles that we keep off the roadways, the quicker they can get things pushed out for us."

City Safety Coordinator Helen Fornwald said at 6:30 a.m. Wellock Rd. and Hawkes Bay are closed. She said the snow was piling up too quickly for crews to keep up.

The province's Highway Hotline is not advising against travel on the highways, as of 5 a.m. Friday. They do have highways in the southeast under winter-driving-conditions designation, with drifting snow and icy, slippery sections cited in the area, along with reduced visibility.

The latest road conditions can be found here.

Environment Canada has a blowing-snow advisory in effect for the southeast corner of Saskatchewan.

"As this last band of snow pulls out, we have some pretty gusty winds at 40, even gusting to 70 kilometres per hour, creating some reduced visibilities and blowing snow," said Meteorologist Chris Stammers.

Stammers predicted Estevan received 10 to 15 centimetres of snow overnight, though there has been no official tally yet.

Some good news, regarding the weather, is that snow and wind will die down mid-day Friday. On the other hand, temperatures are due to drop. Daytime highs are not forecast to exceed -24 C between Tuesday to Thursday next week.

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