A new option is being put forward by the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation as negotiations with the provincial government have yet to continue.

As talks continue to stall, the STF has given the government a deadline to agree to binding arbitration before Sunday, March 17th to resolve their collective bargaining agreement. 

Binding arbitration would mean that a neutral arbitrator would take a look at the issues of class size and class complexity, key concerns for the STF.

The STF says they will agree to suspend their job action and continue with negotiations if the government agrees to the binding arbitration.

Per The Education Act, 1995, both the province and the STF would need to agree to use binding arbitration. 

The STF said that sanctions are set to increase if they are unable to find agreement. 

During a media scrum this morning, Minister for Education, Jeremy Cockrill, spoke on the inclusion of class size and complexity in the collective bargaining agreement. "For government and trustees, the issues of class size and complexity are not appropriate for the bargaining table, and not appropriate for binding arbitration."