Canadian travellers ended up stranded due to winter storms over Christmas, which has since escalated into a full cancellation of Saskatchewan flights by Sunwing, a travel company.

The cancellation was announced near the end of the year and is set to last more than a month.


We regret to inform our customers in Saskatoon and Regina that, due to extenuating circumstances, we are unfortunately cancelling our operations from both airports. The cancellations will take immediate effect & apply to travel from both airports up to and including Fri Feb 3/23.

— Sunwing Vacations (@SunwingVacay) December 29, 2022


The move left many travellers having to scramble for other flights, which they eventually were able to get tickets for.

The move is one that those in the travel industry haven't seen in a while, says TravelOnly Agent Denise Taylor.

"I've never heard of it before and I've been in this industry for 12 years, so this is my first time at it."

She manages vacations for people coming and going, with some of her clients ending up stuck in place due to cancellations.

Around 8 of her clients were delayed due to the winter storms which settled in earlier - but they're currently working around the new cancellations.

"I've had some people who were delayed before Christmas and they were able to arrive within two or three days from what their arrival dates were," said Taylor, "But nothing from Cancun or anything returning after Boxing Day or anything like that. I just had cancellations starting December 29th.

The decision by Sunwing could sour some moods on the brand, as many travels during the winter months out of Saskatchewan.

"I think the faith in Sunwing with some people will be gone," said Taylor, "I mean, people are ready to travel and there were anxious to travel, and then to have everything canceled at short notice really didn't make people happy.