The Saskatchewan Trapper's Association will be holding a Trapper's Rendezvous on Saturday, July 16th at the Communiplex in Yellow Grass.

"It's an all day event, with all kinds of activities, said the event organizer, Alternate Director for Region 12 of the STA, Jade Rooney. "We've got a BB gun shoot for the kids, we're going to set up some gopher traps, and there will be a bounty for golfers that are trapped or whatever, and traps will be provided. We've got coyote speed skinning, we've got a tanning demo, and a few other skinning demos throughout the day, so some trap swaps and that type of thing." 

He said that evening, they'll hold a Cabaret featuring music by 10 Mile High from Oxbow, which is free for STA members, and $10 for non-members.

"The Yellow Grass Fire Department is going to be running the bar, so all proceeds from the the bar go to the Yellow Grass Fire Department," he shared. "We have the local restaurant, Don Pedro's, will be working in the kitchen there, providing food all throughout the day." 

"We're hoping to have trappers from all over the province come down, so we want to make sure that the local people are informed as well, because the more people we can get out to events like this, it'll be a really cool thing for maybe somebody who's been interested in this type of thing."

Rooney said some may have seen him at the Heritage Village Days sharing information and experiences with furs, and this may be the perfect chance to see if trapping is for them. 

He added there will also be prizes, a raffle table, as well as a silent auction. 

"We're going to have a silent auction going on with a bunch of cool stuff donated from all kinds of great local vendors who I've been talking to, so it won't be just all trapper stuff on those tables. There are all kinds of goodies from everybody."

For more information about the event, contact Jade Rooney at 306-861-6887.