The Coal Creek Music Festival made a spectacular debut over the weekend, delighting attendees with an array of musical performances and raising significant funds for local causes. Tim Keating, managing director of the Southeast Sask. Economic Partnership (SSEP), hailed the event as a resounding success and a promising start for what is hoped to become an annual tradition.

Keating explained that destination tourism is a part of SSEP's ongoing economic development strategy, and organizing a regional music festival was one of the events they had planned to support this goal.

“The other part of the idea was that we’re raising money for the Roche Percee Regional Park and for the Bienfait Recreation Board. So, funds raised from us will also go back into the community.”

This event was the first of what Keating hopes will be many. “The thought behind it is if it’s done properly the first year and if it’s successful, these events typically grow each year. So, we expect and anticipate that this will be an annual event that will actually grow and continue to grow and expand into the future.”


The festival aimed to create a family-friendly atmosphere by bringing a range of artists for attendees to enjoy.

“Bands that were kind of country, through R&B, but definitely top-notch music, and we wanted bands that everyone would enjoy.”

Over 400 tickets were sold for the event, but the total proceeds are still unknown.

“We don't have the final numbers yet or what the revenue was generated, but once we go through that, we will assess and see if we want to keep the venue where it is for next year or maybe possibly move it.”

Keating noted that due to the unpredictable weather over the weekend, having the option to move the entertainment into the arena or curling rink was a good choice.

Overall, the inaugural event ran fairly smoothly, with only slight changes needed for the next year.

“That’s all up for discussion once we get the final information from everyone that was attending and the numbers come through.”

SSEP is committed to collaborating with local communities to highlight their tourism attractions, believing that events like the Coal Creek Music Festival can reveal the hidden gems of the southeast region and foster a vibrant future for local tourism.