The Southeast Women of Distinction Award winners will be announced on Thursday.  Aimee Haralson is one of two women who have been nominated for the Diversity and Inclusion Award.  

Haralson expressed that she's honoured to be nominated for the award. She said that while a lot of the recognition comes from her work as a SWIS (Settlement Workers In Schools) Coordinator, it is also a passion not just a profession. 

“I support newcomer students as they settle in their new schools and their families as they integrate into the community. I also help connect with the schools to support these families.”  

Originally from the Philippines, Haralson has drawn on her own experiences to understand the challenges and struggles newcomers face in Canada. 

Outside of work, Haralson and her husband are active in the community. Their participation in curling led them to volunteer as curling officials and scorekeepers. They also volunteered at the Summer Games. Additionally, she engages in outreach to nursing homes and hosts friends and community events. Through her community involvement, Haralson has made many connections and friends in the city. She added that by being open and welcoming to members of the community, she has gotten the same in return. 

Regarding her inspirations, Haralson looks up to those who excel in their fields, whether they're in the government, in the school system, or in the service as long as they are doing their best and can inspire others.

Haralson expressed gratitude towards those who nominated her and was touched that they regarded her so highly.  

“I would like to share this with the families that I help serve and with the people that I have extended support to in whatever way I can.”  

She added that without these opportunities she wouldn’t be nominated.  

“Just keep doing what you do with passion and conviction and with heart to help people and give your best because it will come back to you.”  

The Southeast Women of Distinction Awards will be held on Thursday, May 2 at 11am at the Wylie Mitchell Hall.