With the last summer month coming to a close, the southeast saw a month that hit many of the usual notes.

High-temperature runs were present, similar to July, though precipitation was more present than last month, which was the second-driest on record.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang details where the temperature average ended up.

"Temperature-wise, of course, you still have one more day left but looks very close to average. The average temperature, the 30-year average for August is 18.6 and so far for the month the temperature has evened out to 18.9."

"The warmest day looks like it was on August 18, that's 34 degrees, and the coldest morning was 3 degrees on August 17."

Rain meanwhile was also near average but was close to missing that mark, only to be raised by last night's storm.

"I think this last night made up for a lot of the deficit August was having, we recorded 21.7 millimeters at the airport last night, so that was almost half of the 55 millimeters that have fallen so far in August and of course we still have the day left so maybe more to accumulate on that."

"Average is around 51.7 millimeters, so just slightly above average for the month.

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