A memorable hockey season in Estevan has struck a chord with several people in southeastern Saskatchewan.

After an Estevan Bruins championship season, we posed the question on our Facebook page: What will you remember most about the past year?

Andrea McClelland pointed to game 5 of the league finals against Flin Flon, while also taking a friendly jab at Estevan's Highway 39 rivals.

"The championship obviously but also game 5 when Nolan Jones (Eric Houk tipped home a Jones point shot) tied the game with less than 6 seconds to go. It was also fun beating Weyburn 10-0 in our barn," she said.

Donna George also highlighted the big win against the Bombers.

"Winning game 7 to capture the championship on home ice," George said.

Meanwhile, longtime fan Greg Austin articulated why it was so special for this year's Bruins team to win the championship after a long drought.

"It's been such a long time. I remember the one they won in 84-85, I was about 10, so I do remember that," said Austin, who had to watch game 7 of this year's finals on TV after testing positive for COVID-19, but was at every other home playoff game. "And then I remember the one in '99 and it just seemed like we were going year after year, and we had some lean teams."

"But then 2004-2005 like I thought 'oh boy we're going to get something' and no. And I watched that 2018 run as well, and we had a little bit of heartbreak there. So this one was one that was really nice to get," Austin said.

There was almost more heartbreak this year, if not for that remarkable game 5 comeback victory.

"I was there for that one and I'll admit, I thought it was looking bleak," Austin said. "And I was like 'oh no' and then that goal with 5.8 seconds, like who can forget that?"

"They're the champs and nobody can take that away from there. They're the champs. And everybody here in town I think is going to remember this championship for a long time."