Last week, the southeast received a couple of days of rainy, gloomy weather all thanks to a hurricane that made landfall in California. As the new week hits the midway mark, more tropical storms are making landfall in the United States, these ones on the eastern coast, and again Estevan can expect a significant drop in temperatures and rain. But is it all connected this time?

“It’s not looking like any remnants of any tropical storms are affecting the moisture coming into the prairies for this week, right now,” chuckled Samantha Mauti, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, when asked if there was a connection.  

Whether there is a connection or not, the weather will be changing here in the Estevan area over the next few days. With the smoke from wildfires to the north and the west blanketing the area, prompting air quality statements to be issued, things are expected to clear up a little bit, at least in terms of air quality.  

“(It’s) just bringing in the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms that is part of the circulation that is driving the smoke out of the area,” explained Mauti, pointing out the system is primarily over Alberta right now, but is expected to continue to move eastwards throughout the day.  

The system will be bringing showers and even the possibility of thunderstorms for Wednesday. Behind that will be cooler temperatures, grey skies and more rain expected on Thursday.  

With the upper level low will be some strong winds, and Mauti cautioned those on the highways should keep that in mind.  

“Just be careful on the roads in any exposed areas,” Mauti noted. “It could make driving a little bit difficult in some of those higher wind gusts.” She added there is also the chance of some debris being whipped around if the winds are strong enough.  

With the rains on Thursday, the daytime high is only expected to be 24, with the overnight lows getting close to the single digits. Behind the grey and rain, though, will be more sunshine just in time for the unofficial end to the summer – the Labour Day weekend. Temperatures on the weekend are expected to reach up to around 30.  

You can find the latest weather information, and radar, here.

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