Three Estevan Extreme volleyball clubs captured medals during provincials in Saskatoon and Warman on the weekend.

The 14UM club is the new provincial champion, after beating the Central Valley Vikings in three sets in the finals yesterday.

The team lost their first game in the round-robin, before going undefeated the rest of the way.

"The boys played, in my opinion, the best their level for a majority of the tournament," said head coach Bryton Such. "They showed real grit, being able to bounce back from getting down a couple points or if we ever let a team go on a run, they would bounce back and never give up. I think that they really played like champions, is what we told them at the end of the day."

Such credited things like USports-volleyball viewing sessions on weekends and pizza get-togethers with everyone's families during tournaments with helping create strong chemistry.

"The amount of team-building exercises that we do with our team is a lot, so it just felt like it wasn't really a team, it was more of a brotherhood. And that was exactly what me and my assistant coach Mike Fisher wanted for the entire season."

He said the entire lineup is very strong, and that he trusts each player in any situation.

He noted that Peyton Tendler was "a wall at the net," making a ton of blocks and putting the ball in smart places. Team captain Cameron Milbrandt led the squad, keeping them calm, and "executing under pressure." And Broden Henry also shone, as a younger player.

"Our entire team is just so good. They've absorbed everything we've taught them like a sponge. I'm really looking forward to keeping this group moving forward, because I think... we're definitely not done yet."

The Estevan 13UW team took gold in Division 2.

The squad went undefeated in round-robin play and through the playoffs, ultimately taking a two-set win over the Prince Albert Toppers.

Coach Brittany Zahn said the team came a long way in a short time.

"It was so great to see the girls improve so much over the last few months. From our first tournament way back in February to now, it was like a completely different team. I'm just so proud of them. It was so great."

They won each of their sets 2-0. At 13U, every player has to play during the first two sets. Zahn said this was evidence of how well everyone was able to contribute.

"They really proved that they don't need to depend on the [strongest] players to get through to the next level. They all just stepped up and played really well."

Like the 14U boys team, Zahn said the girls developed strong friendships throughout the season.

"Their biggest concern was if they were all going to be together again next season. I thought that spoke volumes to how well they thought everything went this year."

Nearly the entire team is eligible to stay together next season.

Team photo

And the 14UW side took bronze in Division 2.

They battled back for a comeback win during the second set, rebounding from a 4-19 deficit to beat JCVC 25-22 in the final.

Team photo

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