More winter weather is on the way this week after a quick blast of snow and wind over the weekend.

That's likely to exacerbate the already-present issues when it comes to highways, which have been frozen over.

Overall the total amount of snow being dropped is low, with the wind likely causing that to pile up in locations rather than having it be spread out.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang describes the incoming storm.

"Winter has finally arrived. We have another system moving in from south of the US border, Wyoming low, and what that will do is spread snow into southern Saskatchewan once again. It doesn't look like too much for that southeastern corner, maybe about 2-4 centimeters worth, however, the winds are forecasted to come up again."

The winds blowing won't be as intense as Sunday's storm, but roads are likely to be just as treacherous.

"It probably won't be as intense, just because the wind speeds aren't expected to be as high," said Lang, "However since the first roads are already polished up enough from the first storm so I think the billowing snow will make things worse from what they already were."

More snow is coming a couple of days afterward, which will once again be lighter.

"Yet another weather system coming through, probably starting overnight Wednesday into Thursday," said Lang, "We're gonna see the snow go on for a little bit there. Doesn't look like too much in the way of accumulations, sort of just a nuisance with all that snow falling."

In total, this week seems to be bringing much less than the 20-30 centimeters that were predicted last week.

"For the system that's coming through today," said Lang, "About 2-4 centimeters, not too much. For the Wednesday-Thursday system, again, not too much in the way of snow maybe another 5-8 centimeters worth."