The owner of the former school in Richmound which housed the Kingdom of Canada cult has failed to appear in court after his arrest for assault back in early October. 

59-year-old Ricky Manz brought Romana Didulo and followers into the town by offering them a place to stay, however, his arrest and subsequent disregard for an appearance in court stirred up the cult. The hard-right extremist group fled the town yesterday and found sanctuary on a farm seven miles north of Richmound. Members of the group are staying in camper vans and RVs.

The Kingdom of Canada has been protested and urged to leave by many Richmound residents, and their occupation of the former school has been ongoing since their arrival on September 15. The cult fled after a bylaw inspector was refused entry, garnering a bylaw warrant.

The RCMP determined that Manz' assault charge was earned in an altercation with another male, with no injuries reported. 

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