People may be set to see more spring-like weather now that March has turned into April, and Spring seems to be underway.

That could be proven false as the system bearing down across the prairies has a chance to pile snow on the ground.

That system starts out calm enough, with rains tonight and tomorrow.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang details some of what we should expect over the next couple of days:

"As the weather system wraps around Tuesday into Wednesday, we may see that rain shower turn to more snow. However, with the temperatures very close to freezing, it doesn't look like much will accumulate out of that. We will see some gusty winds out of that as well, so something to keep an eye on."

While April is usually a fairly unpredictable time of year for what's going to happen, Lang says they can forecast that Saskatchewan should be free from freezing rain for the time being.

"We're just in the early parts of April here, so we know we can expect pretty much anything at this time - rain, snow, freezing rain. We aren't expecting any freezing rain just because the way that the dynamics of the weather system are, we're not looking for that profile so I think that rain will be welcome."

Lang says that this incoming rain may end up topping off some fields in the area that have been looking for moisture.

They're also tracking yet another system, set to come in next week.

"With April the way it is, it's always a really volatile month for weather," said Lang, "Just because we're starting to transition that warmer air from the south, but we're still fighting against that colder air from the north and anytime we have that clash of the two systems we can always expect some weather from that."

Lang also mentions that the Southwest of the province is could see heavy snowfall tomorrow night, and advises to be careful when traveling.