UPDATE: As of 10:50, Highway Hotline has not reported any cancelations, but is putting in place a number of travel not recommended warnings for roads around Estevan.

These include:

  • Highway 39 from Estevan to Midale;
  • Highway 39 from Estevan to the U.S. border;
  • Highway 47 from north of Stoughton to the U.S. border;
  • Highway 18 from the intersection with Highway 6 through Estevan to Oxbow;
  • Highway 8 from the border to the intersection with Highway 13;
  • Highway 9 from Oxbow south to the border; and,
  • Highway 361 between highways 9 and 47.

The road conditions for highways around Estevan are continuing to deteriorate as the blizzard is picking up steam throughout the day.

While there are currently no road closures, all of the highways around Estevan are reporting serious winter conditions, with that warning also stretching to the Northwest up to Regina.

Those conditions include loose, swirling, and drifting snow, all leading to a marked loss in visibility.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Road Reports and Cancellations section so you know as soon as possible if the roads close or continue to be dangerous.