While Halloween is right around the corner, the Salvation Army is instead preparing for the holiday season that'll be coming afterward.

That's because they've got a bevy of events and programs planned for those couple of months when they see people be extra generous with donations.

Whether it's food or money, the organization is banking on those to get through the rest of the year and start the next one off well.

Community Ministries Director Ronza Reynard says that they're seeing more food and money come in as the season gets colder.

"Right now we're very busy. The big focus with us right now is the food bank. We're continuing to see our numbers increase on a monthly basis, and we're starting to have people inquiring about the Christmas season, the Christmas hampers, and stuff like that. So applications are now being taken for Christmas hampers."

Reynard asks that people get in any applications for the hampers as soon as possible, so the program knows just what they need.

"If people want to sign up for Christmas hampers, always do it early. They will have a cutoff close to the start of December and once that close-off comes it'll be closed off, and we want people to be able to get the help they need during the Christmas season."

An event that is also taking place during the holidays is the Blow Away Hunger event, which is held by Golden West Broadcasting to raise food for the Salvation Army.

That's taking place on November 17, and there'll be more opportunities to raise food around Christmas as well.

"We're prepping everything for that, we've got a couple of food drives that will probably be happening over the Christmas season," said Reynard, "We're very excited to have the (CP) Holiday Train back and that's going to be rolling into Estevan on December 18th. That's exciting to have that, being in person again."