The new year will bring with it the launch of a new clothing line from Saskatchewan Provincial Parks. 

Director of Park Business Services for Sask Parks, Jordan Huber explains. 

"We've reached an agreement with Saskamper Apparel to co-brand and co-design clothing and merchandise to help promote, raise awareness, and support Saskatchewan provincial parks."

 Huber says they have seen park agencies across North America do this very successfully and have had a lot of loyal visitors requesting Sask Parks branded merchandise. In addition, he says the apparel launch has many benefits.

"We will be reinvesting all of the profit made from the merchandise sales back into the parks. Hiking trails, interpretive programming, and protective spaces. So a lot of benefits."

In a governmental press release the Parks, Culture, and Sport explain that a pilot program offering Saskamper hoodies with the Sask Parks logo tag was delivered in 2022.

Sask Parks sold approximately 1,000 sweatshirts between May 2022 and September 2022 at Buffalo Pound, Candle Lake, Makwa Lake, Meadow Lake, Moose Mountain, Pike Lake, Rowan's Ravine, and The Battlefords Provincial Parks.

Bunny hugs and t-shirts will be available in adult and child sizes in the new year and Huber says they hope to have them available for purchase at the parks themselves at the visitor's centers and administration offices. 

A launch date for the apparel is still in the works but Huber says they are hoping for early April.