You will want to ensure the vehicle is packed with an emergency kit for any February break travel plans.

Conditions in southeastern Saskatchewan could lead to extreme-cold warnings, such as the ones in place across the northern prairies on Tuesday morning.

A windy, cloudy Tuesday afternoon is expected to make a high of -14 C feel like -27. But once the sky clears, it'll get colder.

"The cloud and snow that is overtop of Estevan and the Estevan area right now is actually a bit of a saving grace from some of the drastically-colder temperatures," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Eric Dykes.

Dykes said the southeast will soon have windchill values around -40.

"We lose that cloud, we lose that snow later on today. And that means that temperatures are going to drop tonight to near minus 30. As our Arctic ridge of high pressure pushes in towards the area from the north that has been stationed over the north and northern portion of the prairies for many days now."

Environment Canada isn't expecting a lot of snow to pile up - just a few flurries Tuesday morning and Wednesday night.

Dykes said to keep an eye on the forecast if you're planning on travelling or spending time outside. He urged you to dress warmly, stay dry, keep active if you are outside, watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia, and be mindful that children and the elderly are most at risk of health issues in the cold.

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