With the retirement of Greg Hoffort, the previous Executive Director for St. Joseph's hospital, the search for someone new in the position is soon beginning.

That will be headed up by Emanuel Health, which represents 12 different hospitals across Saskatchewan.

They'll be handling interviews with potential candidates, along with vetting and other responsibilities.

Don Kindopp, the chair for the council of St. Joseph's Hospital, says they're hoping to get some input in on the new hire.

"We'll start the search committee process, which means letting it be known the position is available and interested candidates are encouraged to come forward to apply for it. "

"I'm not sure who exactly will be on the selection committee, but there will probably be members of Emanuel Health and also some representation from the council or community."

That'll begin right at the start of next year, with a few months to comb through applicants before the seat needs to be filled.

"I would think this process will start in the early part of the new year," said Kindopp, "As Greg's resignation takes effect at the end of April. so it has to be done within the first part of the new year."

Kindopp says they'll be looking for someone who'll support healthcare in the southeast for years to come.

"I would hope someone that has managerial skills and has good human relation skills, and someone who has the best interests of the population we serve here in Saskatchewan in terms of healthcare, and an individual who will continue to promote St. Joseph's Hospital as a key deliverer of services here in southeast Saskatchewan."