The unemployment rate in southeast Saskatchewan went up in April, despite the region gaining jobs.  

The latest data from Statistics Canada, released Friday morning, showed the unemployment rate for the Regina-Moose Mountain Economic Region, which includes Weyburn, Estevan and Regina, went from 6.0 percent to 6.7 percent last month. The increase came with 2700 more people working compared to March. However, the number of people who were unemployed, but actively seeking work also increased, going up by 2000.  

When Regina was not factored into the numbers for the region, the unemployment rate went from 6.7 percent in March to 7.4 percent in April, again primarily due to the increase in the number of people who are actively looking for work and are currently unemployed.  

Provincially, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate went from 5.4 percent to 5.7 percent, as there were no new full-time jobs gained for the month, while there were 2000 more people unemployed when compared to March. While Saskatchewan has the fourth-lowest unemployment rate in the nation, the increase was the second-largest, month-to-month, behind only Alberta.  

Nationally, the unemployment rate was unchanged, with 90,000 more people working in April than in March.