The Southeast portion of Saskatchewan has been swamped with soggy weather and cloudy skies for weeks, but now the start of summer may be approaching.

As the wind warning that went off earlier this week has settled down, temperatures are looking to rise and the sun is set to shine.

Forecasts are showing that the sun will be out non-stop until Saturday - at least during the day - and temperatures will rise into the twenties by that point.

That represents a marked change from the storms and rain that had been in the region previously.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell says she's seeing a good change in fortune for the southeast.

"Right now your winds are out of the north, so that's why your winds are quite a bit cooler than normal. By the time we get to Friday and Saturday, we should be closer to normal conditions, at least during the day. It'll still be a little bit cooler at night."

As more people will likely be looking to spend that time on summer activities, UV protection is as important as ever.

"Certainly in the last while we've had a lot of cloudy days. It probably isn't at the forefront of our minds, but sun protection, hydrating, moisturizing, all those things are important pretty much all of the time."

Hasell says that the warmth and sunlight will also have a benefit for farmers, as they'll be able to get to seeding quicker, while still retaining plenty of soil moisture.