A system hitting northwestern Ontario with heavy rain and possible thunderstorms is so large, southeastern Saskatchewan is liable to see wind damage Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a wind warning on Monday morning. Gusts are expected to reach 60 kph from the north by around noon Monday, and 90 kph after midnight.

"This is a big Colorado low,” Environment Canada Meteorologist Knight said. “It’s actually tracking through northwestern Ontario, but that’s the sheer size of the system. It’s so large that it’s bringing the extreme winds into southeastern Saskatchewan from that far away.” 

Damage to buildings and trees is a possibility with winds of that magnitude, according to the warning. Loose objects could also be thrown around, vehicles with high profiles could run into problems when travelling, and there is a heightened risk of power outages.

Maybe you were being prophetic if you haven't put any patio furniture out yet.

The same can be said if you have yet to do any gardening.

"Mainly sunny, mainly clear," said Knight of the rest of the week. "Highs of around that 23 mark, but lows very close to freezing. So frost is a concern off and on through the rest of the week until things finally warm up on the weekend."

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