For The U15 Estevan Bearcats it's been a long time since they've stepped on the ice for a game, so their season opener this year was sure to be something big.

The team ended up tieing the Regina Rebels White 2-2, with the Bearcats initially in the lead 2-0 before dropping two goals in the second period.

This included a 20-5 shot deficit in favour of the Rebels in the second, with the Bearcat's goalie persevering to do well.

Head Coach Sabe Holzer says the first game of the season went pretty well.

"It was the first league game, and the first game for these girls in probably in just about a year, because we were cut short last year because of COVID. That was our first game against the Regina Rebels White in Regina," said Holzer, "We had a 2 nothing lead, and then we gave that up in the second period because we got dominated, we got outshot 20 to 5. We ended up 2-2, the third was fairly even both ways. Our goaltender definitely kept us in that one, especially in the second period. I'm generally happy with the result and identified some places that we need to work on which is to be expected."

The team did well despite not being able to practice too much this year since a lot of venues couldn't host the team for the practices.

"We didn't practice as much as we'd like, because there's not a lot of ice availability in September because the places where we would rent ice aren't open yet, you know they don't open until October or even into November," said Holzer, "We didn't get as much ice time as we'd like, but the other teams in the other towns are probably in the same place."

Holzer says that despite the lack of on-ice preparation, there was a lot of motivation to get back to playing games for the team after their lengthy break.

"They were ready to play. They'd been starved from games for the year and spent last winter practicing after the COVID regulations shut us down and then we just had these small practices all the time and that got old for the girls," said Holzer, "It's hard to practice for a purpose if you don't ever get to play any games. they were pretty hungry for some games."

The Bearcats play again in Affinity Place On October 22 and 23, where they'll play the Parkland Fire.