The southeast is slated to get the good and bad of summer weather this week with temperatures up to the mid-20s, lasting up until Friday.

Combined with clear skies, it could end up being a great day for activities that had to be put off after the chilly April we saw.

But that heat and sunshine mean that the UV index is going up, which could potentially lead to sunburns if people aren't careful.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that skin safety when it comes to high UV days is something that's easy to forget after the winter.

"Because we forget, just because we've been wearing coats and hoodies and everything for so long that the UV index is starting to get into the higher categories, 6 or higher for all these days. Then when you rip off the hoodie when it's nice outside you kind of forget that your skin hasn't been exposed to the sun for a long time."

That higher UV index means that you'll likely have to break out the sunscreen bottle that was put away last year.

"It's important to put that sunscreen on and of course remember to drink lots of water and stuff like that especially if you're outside exerting yourself. Keep yourself hydrated, these are the kinds of things that we forget after being through a long, cold winter."

Besides the warmer weather, Lang says she's also excited to be giving better news as the temperatures are warming up.

"I think we've got it covered this time. Now, after all the doom and gloom that I've been dooming and glooming about for the last month, now it's time to get out and enjoy this weather now that it's finally here. We've waited a long time for it, so get out and enjoy it."