Winter is set to begin soon as the snow is on the way to the southeast.

That'll come in a lighter form over the weekend, which will be whipped up by gusts coming in up to 90 km/h.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri lang gives us the details on what that system would look like:

"It is an Alberta clipper that's moving across the province. Most of the snow will fall more along the northern grain belt and central Saskatchewan, but there will be some snow that does make it down into that southeast corner."

"More significant is the winds that are coming with that, we are expecting wind gusts as high as 80-90 kilometers per hour, and that will happen evening time and into the overnight period. That will combine with the few centimeters of snow that will have fallen to create blowing snow conditions."

Lang also predicts that a few roads will likely freeze up over the weekend, and urges caution from drivers.

 Winds will be dying out on Sunday as one system is replaced by another, with this one bringing much more snow.

"Things will probably settle out through Sunday morning, the winds should ease and the blowing and drifting snow should also ease. However, we are expecting another weather system to come in," said Lang, "looks like afternoon time on Monday and that does look to be bringing a decent amount of snow with it."

That next system is expected to bring decent amounts of snow down through Tuesday and Wednesday as well, likely easing up on Thursday.

The snow that we will get over the week is likely to stick around, thanks to dropping temperatures that'll be firmly in the negative next week.

Lang reminds people to be careful traveling this weekend, as that blowing snow and freezing effect could make roads treacherous.