Lemonade was a popular beverage Saturday, as the Walk to Make Cystic Fibrosis History had three stands set up to raise money for the May 28 fundraiser.

$815 was raised, with stands situated at Dennis Moore Centennial Park, across from Churchill Park, and across from Kin Park.

lemonade stand

Kasey McIntyre is the organizer for the May 28 walk. Her son Liam was running the stands, along with his friends, sister, and cousins.

"Liam's lemonade fundraiser turned out really well," said Kasey. "The wind didn't bother us, and it just kept going on and people were really kind and generous. We just want to say thank you to everyone that came out, thank you to everyone that donated, and thank you for people just stopping by and having a visit."

As of Monday morning, the McIntyre Family & Friends team had raised $3,740 toward the fundraising walk.