As the warm weather takes hold in Saskatchewan and more people taking part in outdoor activities, SGI is emphasizing certain safety tips for cyclists and drivers to follow.

SGI Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy described some of the guidelines that all cyclists should adhere to.

"It can start before you even leave. Make sure that your bike is in good working order, the brakes and chain are working properly, the tires are fully inflated, the seat and the handle bars are tightly secured and at an appropriate height for the size of the rider of course," McMurchy said.

"We always want cyclists to be seen when they're out there," he continued. "So making sure that you have reflectors on the front, the back, the spokes, and the pedals of your bike. If you're going to be riding in low light conditions, having a headlight helps you see and be seen. Of course, we also advise people to wear high visibility clothing as well to be extra visible especially at night."

McMurchy added that it's also important to wear a properly fitted helmet to prevent head injuries in the event of a collision.

He said drivers and other motorists need to be cognizant of cyclists on the roads.

"Bikes and people on them are smaller and a bit more nimble, they're also able to stop much more suddenly," McMurchy said. "So it is important to keep a safe distance from them so you have time to stop if they stop suddenly."

"Making sure that you're just keeping an eye out for the bikes, and scanning the street in front of you, checking your mirrors often to avoid being surprised by one."

McMurchy said it's important that motorists and cyclists are able to coexist on the roads.

"Understanding that cyclists have a right to be on the road as well," he said. "Treat them like slow moving traffic, waiting until it is safe to pass them, giving them their space before you do that. Cyclists will often move over to allow you to go by, but make sure that you are patient until that opportunity to pass them safely presents itself."

"We want people to share the road and everyone to get where they're going safely."

SGI also recommends experienced riders to ride on the road, and less experienced riders to ride on the sidewalk.

McMurchy also said the rate of injury is quite high whenever a cyclist collides with a vehicle.

"When a cyclist meets a motor vehicle, the motor vehicle always wins," McMurchy said. "We don't see a huge number of collisions, but we do see some. In any given year, it can range between 90 and 150 collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles. And a very high percentage of those do result in an injury to the cyclist, and on occasion there is a death as well."

"We see about an average over the last five years of one cyclist death per year. So we don't want to see anybody lose their life or get a serious injury as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle, so that's why it's important for everybody to share the road safely."

There are more bike safety tips on the SGI website and on their social media.