After a cabinet shakeup earlier this week, Estevan's MLA has found herself in a different yet familiar position.

Lori Carr, who has been in the cabinet since 2018, now moves to the position of Minister of Highways.

She says she's excited to get to work on the roads across the province and in the local area.

"Obviously people drive on the roads right across the province quite frequently and they are very important to all citizens. So having an opportunity to go back to the Ministry of Highways and do that job again, I'm really excited. Obviously, we know that there's work that needs to be done in the southeast, so as we go through our priorities I'll be looking through all that and see where we come out."

She has experience in the role, having been named to the office for her first cabinet position years ago.

"I'm thinking it was 2018 when I got into cabinet and so that would have been my first portfolio was the Minster of Highways. So I really have an advantage this time, the staff is very consistent there so I won't get to know a whole lot of new people and I know how the ministry works so really it'll be getting up to date on what's happening now and figuring out what's going o happen in the future."

While most of the processes and techniques are familiar to Carr, she'll also be looking at any new methods that could help crews in the province.

"Every now and there's an innovative treatment that comes up that we do test plots on. As that stuff rolls out, finding ways to do more roads with maybe less money, if there's a product that works just as good, if not better, then we will look at those things."

Dustin Duncan, the MLA for Weyburn-Big Muddy, is taking over the portfolios that Carr used to handle.

In her opinion, he's a tenured minister who will serve the portfolios very well.

As well, she says her returning responsibility to the Ministry of Highways will not get in the way of her duty to the people of Estevan.

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