With the southeast still recovering from a storm that brought softball-sized hail, people may be reminded to stay safe when it comes to storms.

To make sure everyone's knowledgeable about storm safety community organizations make sure to get out into the public for presentations.

Redvers Fire Chief Brad Hutton talks about some of the work he's done in the past to make sure people are up to date.

"I've been encouraging people to get a safe place and be prepared. I did a presentation with seniors at the library here 2-3 weeks ago and it was about emergency preparedness and it was very interesting. You go to schools and stuff and talk safety and fire and prevention and the seniors were very alert and very wanting to learn more about how and what to have and be prepared and have 72-hour emergency packs ready. So that was very good."

"We did up some little take-home packages with proper places to fill out for emergency contacts and just guidelines on what to put in a pack and what to have to be ready."

Hutton says people should always be prepared for a number of potential systems that coincide with the season.

"Always different times of year, we're always preparing for different kinds of weathers or storms. Right now ... we'll discuss more water rescue and wind-type rescue damages that can come that way, and also just pay attention to lightning and electrical type storms because it's just a good review and refresher all the time."

Making sure people know the proper safety precautions and protocols can help save lives, says Hutton.

"It's just a simple tree that falls on a power line and sparks and arcs and well, just the dangers that come with power transmitting through even fallen trees or power lines that are down."

"We'll just do refreshers to make sure everybody's up to speed and then obviously if somebody is in contact with high voltage electricity and stuff the proper protocols, like you definitely have to get them in route to a major hospital to do inspections so you don't have internal organs burnt and it's going to fail."