9:23 a.m.

Saskatchewan's Highway Hotline again has a travel-not-recommended status on highways in the Estevan area.

The map was updated around 9:18 a.m. advising against driving on Highway 39 through Weyburn to Moose Jaw, 47 north to the Lampman turnoff, and 18 east and west of Estevan.

You can see the latest updates here.

6:55 a.m.

The Highway Hotline changed its travel-not-recommended status for Highways 39, 47, and 18 in the Estevan area to 'winter conditions exist' around 6:30 Wednesday morning.

The Hotline still says roads are covered in ice, heavy snow, and slush, and visibility is poor. 

The City of Estevan and the Estevan Police Service are advising people to avoid driving when possible.

You can keep an eye on continuing updates on road conditions here.

Highway travel around Estevan was listed as not recommended shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday on the province’s Highway Hotline.

Highways 18 from Oungre to the Alameda turnoff, 47 north past Stoughton, and 39 northwest to Midale are reported as ice covered with slush and heavy snow. 

Other highway conditions in the area had not been updated since Tuesday night. The lack of travel-not-recommended status on them does not indicate conditions are better.

Driving conditions are likely to devolve as the morning continues. You can keep an eye on updated road statuses here

The latest storm details are available here.