Outages could crop up in the Southeast as a heavy spring storm passes through the area, though this one could pose more problems.

That's mainly due to the increase in ice and warmer temperatures causing more build-up on power lines and poles which could take them down.

Spokesperson for SaskPower Scott McGregor says that the crews in the southeast are ready for that possibility.

"With the temperature kind of hovering around the freezing mark and the precipitation and the wind that are forecast for this weekend, there is a chance of some damage to infrastructure. That said, we have materials and infrastructure in place we prepared last week for the storm that rolled through. In terms of responding to any sort of outages, we're well prepared for it."

Plenty of crews should be available for any repairs since they're already in place following the southeast's last storm.

"In terms of getting crews and resources available, we've moved some things around, changed some shifts around, and everything just to prepare for this upcoming storm. In Saskatchewan we see strong and powerful weather," said McGregor, "It's just a reality that we face here on the prairies, so we're prepared for any sort of damage or outages that may occur from the storm that's coming this weekend."

McGregor reminds everyone to be extra careful around any downed power lines that fall during the storm.

"If there is going to be damage to power lines, to power poles, to crosslines, anything like that, the chance of coming across a downed power line is real. It's important that everyone remembers if they do come across a downed power line or any damaged infrastructure to keep back a safe distance. We recommend at least 10 meters or 33 feet or so. Give us a call at 310-2220, we'll send out a crew as soon as we can to keep the area safe."

He says the efforts of the crews in the southwest were remarkable, with more than 100 employees replacing more than 60 poles and 20 miles of power lines.